Few days active tourOcean coast and peaks of Kamchatka

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Duration10 days / 9 nights
Price80 000 RUB ?

Meals: full board: in cafes in settlements on the road, in the camp during the route

Difficulty: average, required an average level of physical training

Period: July – September

A 10 days trekking starts on the coast of Zhirovaya bay where we will be transferred by a boat. We spend 2 days chilling ashore and fishing.

Then we trek to the valley of the Vilyucha River with a stop at Zhirovskiye hot springs. We visit Vilyuchinsky Waterfall, climb up volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky, explore fumarole fields and craters of fantastical shapes. In the end we get to Dachniye hot springs also called the Lesser Valley of Geysers.

Tour program

Day 1

Going out to Zhirovaya bay
Overnight stop on shore

We gather at the appointed place, check equipment and drive to the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. For an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour.

We go out to Zhirovaya bay by boat. Along the way we pass by the Three Brothers rocks and several picturesque bays. We fish from the boat and have lunch aboard. After disembarking we make camp and go to visit the fishery base in the Zhirovaya river estuary. Dinner at the camp and sleeping in tents.

Day 2

Rest on shore
Excursion to waterfalls

We spend the day resting ashore. Starting with the excursion to waterfalls we walk along 3 km beach and fish. The most courageous can try swimming in the water of the bay.

Day 3

Trekking to Zhirovskiye hot springs

After decamping we set off along the current of the river to Zhirovskiye hot springs. Distance — 15 km. We make camp by the springs and rest after trekking.

Zhirovskiye hot springs represent a lot of thermal water outlets with natural baths. The ground where these springs are situated, is heated up to 40 °С, the temperature of water varies from 42 to 98 °С. We can bathe both in wild natural basins and in an equipped bath. Overnight stay in tents on the thermal field.

Day 4

Trekking to the valley of the Vilyucha River

After breakfast we decamp and set off to the valley of the Vilyucha River across the Tenuyev Pass. We trek for about 12 km and make camp near Vilyuchinskiye hot springs.

The Tenuyev Pass is situated between the valleys of two rivers: the Zhirovaya and the Vilyucha. From the height of 520 m we can enjoy the view of Zhirovaya bay where we’d rested 2 days ago, the Vilyuchinsky volcano and surrounding peaks.

Day 5

Rest at hot springs
Excursion to gold adits and waterfalls

At first we have breakfast and bathe in hot springs.

Thermal springs are situated on the right bank of the Vilyucha river, there is an equipped pool for bathing and healing baths. After lunch we go to abandoned adits where gold has been mined out years ago, and to Vilyuchinsky waterfall. There we watch how waterflow crushes from the slope of the volcano, spreads icy splashes and falls into abyss.

Dinner and overnight stay in the camp.

Day 6

Trekking to the Gorely volcano

Right after breakfast we decamp and begin our way to the Gorely volcano. The trekking is rather long and takes almost the whole day. On the way we halt and have lunch. In the evening we make camp by the foot of the volcano, have dinner and sleep in tents.

Gorely is an active volcano in the south of Kamchatka. Altitude — 1829 m. The volcano is famous for its various craters, there are 30 of them. Some are filled with acid, some contains fresh water, and all are incredibly beautiful. Tomorrow we’ll visit eleven the most beautiful of the craters.

Day 7

Climbing the Gorely volcano

After breakfast we start climbing up the Gorely volcano. It’s not so hard: there is a path leading along stoned lava flows and slug fields. On the way we’ll see so called “kekurniky” – lumps of lava of grandiose and terrible forms. After lunch we can explore craters. You’ll see an acid lake of the Active crater, fumaroles — outputs of sulfuric gas, the largest and the most beautiful crater called “The Blue Lake” and many more craters of different shapes. On the way back we’ll observe lava caves and grottoes.

Return to the camp, dinner and sleeping in tents.

Day 8

Climbing the Mutnovsky volcano

New day brings new climb! Mutnovsky — one of the most active volcanoes situated in the south of Kamchatka. Its height is 2322 m. The volcano consists of four craters with a diameter of up to 2 km, formed by ancient explosions.

From the foot of Gorely to Mutnovsky we trek for 13 km. A little rest and start climbing. On the top we observe fumaroles, mud pots and a mountain lake, and get into the crater. Lunch on the slope of the volcano.

Return to the camp, have dinner and sleep in tents.


Day 9

Trekking to Dachniye hot springs
known as the Lesser Valley of Geysers

After breakfast we start our way to Dachniye hot springs: 15 km trekking along the caldera of the Gorely volcano and ascending the Pioneers pass. To the left of the pass there is the Devil’s Thumb obsidian peak, near which one can find interesting fragments of volcanic glass.

Dachniye springs or the Lesser Valley of Geysers are situated near the bottom of the Mutnovsky volcano. They represent an active fumarole field. Hot gas under ground heats cold water of mountain creek which results in fountains of water and steam. They actually look like real erupting geysers.

After the excursion we make camp, have dinner and sleep in tents.

Day 10

Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

In the end we rest in hot springs after breakfast recalling what a long way we’ve overcome from Zhirovaya bay, how many places we’ve visited and how much emotions we’ve got. It seems like the first day if this grand journey was not so long ago!

Return to the city by off-road cars.

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