Few days active tourVerkhne-Opalskiye Hot Springs and fishing

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Durationfrom 3 days / 2 nights
Price28 500 RUB ?

Meals: full board: in cafes in settlements on the road, in the camp during the route

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: July – October

Verkhne (Upper) Opalskiye hot springs are situated in the valley of the Left Opala river. They consist of two huge gryphons located in deep craters. In the bottom of these craters there are colonies of algae through which thermal springs go up with the temperature of 74 °С. The water is too hot so it was decided to equip a special wooden bath. Springs flow out of the craters, get colder and fill the bath with water of comfort temperature.

Opala is the river of southwestern coast of Kamchatka with the length of 160 km. It’s heaven for fishers: all species of Kamchatka salmon inhabit Opala. It will suit both lovers of spinning and fly fishing. Objects of fishing: rainbow trout, silver salmon, whitespotted char, chum salmon, humpback salmon, and char.

The tour is designed for 3 days, but we can extend it upon request.

Tour program

Day 1

Meeting of participants
Transfer to hot springs, making a camp

Gathering at the appointed place, meeting the group, checking up equipment and setting off to the road. Transfer to the base camp and back by specially prepared off-road vehicles. Duration: 10 hours. The road passes through a high altitude plateau of the Mutnovskaya group of volcanoes.

On the way we stop for dinner and visit lava caves of the Gorely volcano. Arrival to the base camp in the evening. We place tents, have supper and relax in hot springs after the journey.

Day 2

Rest at hot springs

Even in the height of summer mornings are chilly in Kamchatka. And there is nothing more pleasing than to get warm in a hot spring right after breakfast. We devote the whole day to nature: fish on the Opala river not far from the springs, take pictures with “the haul this huge!”, cook ukha soup made of fresh fish, and sunbathe. Apart from abundance of salmon, Opala is famous for rich fauna: bears, foxes and eagles can be met there. So you can try yourself in wildlife photography in addition to fishing.

Day 3

Breakfast, breaking up

Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

After breakfast we break the camp and set off to the city. On the way we stop for dinner.

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