Few days active tourThe Blue Lakes with overnight stay

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Duration2 days / 1 night
Price17 000 RUB ?

Meals: full board: in cafes in settlements on the road, in the camp during the route

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: June – September

The Blue Lakes are three mountain lakes situated in a glacier depression. In the beginning of summer they start to melt, but there are still layers of ice in the bottom. Sun rays passing through water column is reflected off the ice, and the surface of lakes seems to be bright blue or even violet. The lakes got their name because of this optical phenomenon.

The Blue Lakes is a favourite recreation area of locals, not only tourists, there is an equipped ecological path leading to the lakes and small tourist lodges and place for camping in the middle of the route.

Tour program

Day 1

Meeting of participants
Trekking to base camp

We gather at the appointed place, get acquainted and set off to Moroznaya Hill, a departure point of the route. The road is not long, just 38 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. From the bottom of the hill we go 8 km by a forest path to the base camp. We can stay overnight in tourist lodges, wooden hut-like constructions. Or we can make camp on a wide meadow by the Polovinka (Half) river. Overnight stay in the base camp.

Day 2

Trekking to the Blue Lakes
Return to the city

After breakfast we set off to the lakes. We go for 7 km by a path enjoying picturesque landscapes. From the upland in front of the lakes we see mountain circuses of the Vachkazhets volcano and lakes in the valley of the Bystraya (Rapid) river. We come out to the caldera of an ancient volcano which was destroyed 11 thousand years ago. There are the Blue Lakes settled at this place. We walk about surroundings making pictures. The valley is spangled with beautiful flowers: orchids, rhododendrons, lilies and irises. Mountain pine and alder trees grow along the banks of the river, ground squirrels are digging rocky slopes of the mountains.

We have lunch there and start the way back to the camp. After supper and rest we return to Moroznaya Hill and drive back to the city.

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