Few days active tourNalychevo Nature Park

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Duration9 days / 8 nights
Price67 000 RUB ?

Meals: full board: in cafes in settlements on the road, in the camp during the route

Difficulty: average, required an average level of physical training

Period: July – September

Nalychevo Nature Park is situated 70 km to the north of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is located in the valley of the Nalycheva river, faces the Pacific Ocean, and is surrounded by mountain ranges, active and extinct volcanoes.

This park is worth visiting because of many reasons: gorgeous scenery which combine volcanic, tundra and marine landscapes; rich flora and fauna. During the season of salmon spawning and berries ripening one has all chances to watch brown bear in natural habitat.

There are more than 200 thermal springs at the territory of the park, the biggest amount in Kamchatka. There are natural hot baths both with facilities and truly wild, but not the less beautiful. There are also cold narzan springs with taste equal to the Caucasian mineral waters.

Tour program

Day 1

Airport pick-up
Hotel check-in

Evening meeting: briefing and equipment check-up.

Day 2

Transfer to the bottom of the Avachinsky volcano
Climping up

Avachinsky is an active “domestic” volcano, altitude 2 741 m. Climbing doesn’t require special physical training, the whole route goes on the tourist path.

The crater of the volcano is taken up with lava plug, fumarole activity is sthenic. The view opening from the top is worth several hours of climbing: a tiny city spreads on the coast of Avacha bay, the endless Pacific is seen in the distance…

At the bottom of the Avachinsky volcano, at 900 m above sea level there is a tourist lodge where we’ll stop overnight.

Day 3

Trekking to the valley of the Right Sedlovinskaya river

The route goes across the pass between Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes and goes on along the river. 4 km from the pass mineral springs strongly strike out of the ground.

Distance of the day route is 17 km, we camp near the springs and stay there overnight.

Day 4

Trekking to the valley of the Shumnaya river

Across the 1200 m high pass we go down to the valley of the Left Nalycheva river. The Koryaksky volcano remains behind, the path is going through alder thicket, meadow-sweet gives place to short grass. We go out to the inflow of the Shumnaya (Noisy) river and set camp for passing the night.

Distance: 18 km.

Day 5

Trekking to Goryacherechenskiye hot springs, Central guard post

The route goes through Aagskiye narzans — a group of hydrosulphuric springs situated on one of the inflows of the Shumnaya river. Though water has sourish aftertaste, it’s very nice and similar to the Caucasian mineral waters.
A view of Vershinsky and Kupol (Dome) volcanoes opens from our camp. 13 km more by the path and here we are at the Central guard post of Nalychevo Nature Park. We spend the night in tourist cabins.

Day 6

Nalychevo Nature Park
Bathing in hot springs, excursion, trekking on radial routes

Rest day. We recreate in hot springs which are situated not far from the camp. There you can visit a museum, an employee of the park will operate a tour. You can also walk to Vershinskoye Lake or Zheltorechenskiye hot springs.

It is possible to extend your stay in the park for several days and climb up the Dzendzur volcano or visit more remote groups of springs.

Day 7

Trekking across the Pinachevo Pass, altitude: 1200 m

The panorama of Koryaksky, Arik and Aag volcanoes opens from the pass. We go down to the valley of the Pinacheva river, distance: 26 km. The path passes through birch forest.

Overnight stop at the Semyonovsky guard post.

Day 8

Trekking along the Pinacheva river, duration: 23 km
Return to the city

Along the valley we go out to Pinachevo settlement where transfer is already waiting for us. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 9

Visit to a fish market

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