One day tourFreeride on Volcano Gorely

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Duration12 hours
Price18 500 RUB ?

Meals: dinner with hot meal

Difficulty: high, required a good physical training and endurance

Period: December – April

Meeting of participants: at our office 20 minutes before departure

Trasnfer: for an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour

The Gorely is a 1829 meters high active volcano in the South of Kamchatka. It consists of 11 cones and 30 craters. Once there was an ancient volcano at the place of the Gorely, the diameter of its bottom was 25 km. Later its central part lowered and created a circle of craters that were erupting and layering one upon another.

These twisting and steep slope are the ones we are going to ride our skis and snowboard. The length of the trail is up to 3 km with 25 degrees decline. Snow cover is thick, may be hard here and there, because the slopes are blown by the wind.

Tour program


Gathering of the participants

We meet at the appointed place, check our gear and drive to Termalny Settlement where we change to snowmobiles.



After getting safety instructions and snowmobile training we set off to the area of the Mutnovsko-Gorelaya group of volcanoes.

65 km of winter landscapes are waiting for us. We’ll pass by a snow-covered forest, mountain rivers, we’ll stop at the Serebryanniy Klyuch spring (Silver Spring) and at Vilyuchinsky Pass, a natural observation point. There we’ll make a stop to drink some hot tea and take pictures. The view of snowy volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Gorely and Mutnovsky will certainly be remembered forever.


Freeride on Volcano Gorely

We’ll be riding the slopes of the Gorely for 3–4 hours. A snowmobile driver will take you to the slope 4–5 times. We’ll be taken to the highest possible altitude and have nice rides down the slope. The descent is not very steep, the incline is about 25 degrees, however snow cover is thick and rather hard in some areas.


Departure to Termalny Settlement
Return to the city

Having had enough freeride we return to the car park and drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. We’ll be in the city by 7 p.m.

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