One day tourKuril Lake — Volcano Ksudach — Khodutka hot springs

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Duration9 hours
Pricefrom 70 000 RUB ?

Meals: dinner with hot meal

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: July – September

Trasnfer: free transfer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Paratunka hotels

Kuril lake is a huge freshwater reservoir, which arose in the caldera of the volcano more than 8,000 years ago. It is the largest spawning ground for sockeye salmon, the Pacific salmon, in Eurasia. The abundance of fish attracts dozens of brown bears. They go out to the shore of the lake, catch fish, eat it and even fight with each other in front of astonished tourists. Kuril Lake is a part of the South Kamchatka sanctuary and its inhabitants are protected. Bears are accustomed to people and do not pay attention to the tourists, so you can observe their behavior from a distance of several meters.

Tour program


Meeting of participants

We meet at the appointed place and go to the airport.

At your service at the airport: a comfortable waiting room, a gift shop and cafe. The most experienced pilots of Kamchatka respond for your safety during the flight.


Flight to Kuril Lake

Travel time — 1 hour 10 minutes. A bird's-eye view of volcanoes Gorely, Mutnovsky, Vilyuchinsky.


Arrival at Kuril Lake
Walking excursion

During the hour and a half tour we observe the salmon run, get to know the ecosystem of the lake, visit the fish counting fence where the employees of KamchatNIRO count sockeye salmon and watch the spawning.

And the most interesting is watching the bear fishing! Bears at the lake are busy with fishing and do not pay attention to people. For a better view we pass the bridge and take photos of bears and cubs feasting. When we go on a boat trip, we admire the lava islands, volcanoes and, of course, fishing of clumsy bears.


Lunch, flight to volcano Ksudach
Walking excursion

After lunch, we fly to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano and land at Klyuchevoe lake. Walking along the hot beach we look at the consequences of a powerful eruption of 1907, which destroyed huge forest area.


Flight to Khodutka hot springs
Swimming in the Goryachaya (Hot) river

The Goryachaya river is a stream of thermal water up to 30 m wide, formed by the waters of hot springs. The temperature in a place suitable for bathing is 42–43 ° C. It is believed that springs are healing — they contain large amount of silica.

Swim and relax after a busy day.


Departure to the airport
Return to the city

Travel time — 2 hours.

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