One day tourThe Avachinsky Pass and the Verblud Extrusion

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Duration7 hours
Price9 000 RUB ?

Meals: dinner with hot meal

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: June – October

Meeting of participants: at our office 20 minutes before departure

Trasnfer: for an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour

The Avachinsky is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka. It is the one that first greets the guests of the peninsula being its calling card.

The route goes through the forest area along the Sukhaya (Dry) River with a mild ascent to the plateau at the footstep of the volcano at the altitude of 900 meters above sea level. We offer an easy climb to the Verblud (Camel) Extrusion, from the top of which you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Avacha Bay.

Tour program


Gathering of the participants
Departure to the bottom of volcano Avachinsky

We meet at the appointed place with the rest of the group, check the gear and take the journey to the base camp at the bottom of the Avachinsky. Transfer to the base camp and back by specially prepared off-road vehicles. When approaching the volcano we overcome the Sukhaya (Dry) river.

Avachinsko-Koryakskaya group of volcanoes is a line consisting of five volcanoes, two of them — Avachinsky and Koryaksky are active. At the tourist base at the bottom of the volcano we will drink hot tea listening to the guide’s stories about this magnificent place.


Climbing the Verblud Extrusion

The Avachinsky Pass is an isthmus between two volcanoes, Avachinsky and Koryaksky. At the top of that pass the Verblud Extrusion is situated. It is a rock massif with two summits that was created as a result of eruption. We are going to climb up that extrusion.

The Verblud is a perfect observation point. On one side there are volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely and Vilyuchinsky, while on the other side there is a panorama of the famous Nalychevo Valley.


Return to the camp

After having come down to the base camp we have lunch and share the experience of the eventful day spent outdoors.

Return back to the city by cars.


Arrival to the city

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