One day tourTour of the dog kennels and dog sledding

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Duration3 hours
Price8 500 RUB ?

Meals: dinner with hot meal

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: November – May

Meeting of participants: at our office 20 minutes before departure

Trasnfer: for an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour

You’ll get acquainted with culture, traditions and life of indigenous people of Kamchatka as well as with wonderful pets and loyal friends, sledding dogs of different breeds. Their sonorous barking while waiting for an extreme ride in a sled will fill you up with cheerfulness and energy. A fascinating journey of the ancient history of the peninsula will show you Kamchatka from the other side, perhaps from mystical one. The tour will end up with dog sledding.

Tour program


Gathering of the participants

We meet at the appointed place, get acquainted and drive to the snowmobile park, from where we head to the dog kennels.


Excursion and photoshoot

Ethnographic tour starts at the entrance of the kennels. We’ll be welcomed according to the traditions of indigenous people and told about their life and culture, while national ensemble presents a mystical performance. After that you’ll be able to try on ethnic costumes and be photographed.

Later we’ll have lunch with traditional dishes in a national dwelling.


Dog sledding

We meet a dog driver and his dogs. He’ll teach us the technique of riding a dog sled, after which we harness the dogs. We ride a sled on a snow-covered expanse supervised by an experience dog driver. You can ride a sled yourself or sit in the sledge and enjoy the scenery.

You shouldn’t be worry about dogs, because sledding dogs love to run forward and pull a sled. Their actions are coherent, it is a true team effort! One sled is pulled by 4 or 6 dogs, therefore the load on each dog is little. At the same time, when having no work to do, sledding dogs start to suffer from idleness.


Return to the dog kennels
Departure for the city

While it hasn’t got too dark outside we head back to the dog kennels. There we say goodbye to our new furry friends, drive to the car park on snowmobiles and transfer to the city.


Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

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