Ski touring to volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely and Vilyuchinsky

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Duration8 days / 7 nights
Price69 000 RUB ?

Meals: lunch or light snack

Difficulty: high, required a good physical training and endurance

Period: December – May

Challenge yourself and conquer the tops of three volcanoes getting over kilometers of snow and headwinds.

The first and the most difficult peak is Vilyuchinsky volcano of 2175 m high. Ascent is estimated for riders with high level of training, because the volcano belongs to a high difficulty category — from 1B to 2B. Those who make it to the very top will be rewarded with a panoramic view of mountain ridges, the valley of the Paratunka river and an endless Pacific Ocean. The length of the descent from the Vilyuchinsky volcano is 3700–4500 m with a 20–35 degrees incline.

The second volcano is Mutnovsky, 2322 m high. The ascent is quite easy, despite its relative height. The volcano consists of four craters with a diameter of up to 2 km, formed by ancient explosions. Even in winter its activity can be observed: gas columns break out from under the snow cover to a height of up to 1000 m. The length of the descent from the Mutnovsky volcano is 4000–6700 m with a 20–30 degrees incline.

Gorely is the third volcano of our program. Its height is 1829 meters. The volcano is famous for the variety of craters — there are about 30 of them. Some are filled with acid, some with fresh water. In winter, craters are covered in snow, but their exposed slopes continue to smoke. The length of the descent is 3000-4000 m with a 25 degrees incline.

Tour program

Day 1

Arrival to Kamchatka
Transfer to Paratunka Settlement

We’ll meet you at the airport and drive to the recreation base with a thermal pool in Paratunka Settlement. There you’ll meet our mountain guides and the rest of the group. We’ll check gear and discuss the arrangements.

Day 2

Freeriding at the Vilyuchinsky Volcano

The first day is to warm-up: let the body to get used to the new climate and different time zone. We’ll get to the Mutnovsko-Gorelaya group of volcanoes by snowmobiles. We’ll be riding at Vilyuchinsky — the most impressive volcano of the group.

After 4–5 descents we return to the base where we swim in a thermal pool and rest.

Day 3

Ski touring at the Vilyuchinsky Volcano

Just yesterday we’ve met with Vilyuchinsky, and today we will conquer it! We drive to the foot of the volcano and climb to the top to a height of 2175 m. The climb lasts 4–7 hours, depending on the level of the group. Ice axes, crampons and incredible efforts will be used, but when we reach the top, the beauty of snowy Kamchatka will make you forget about fatigue.

There are two ways to descend: the route of the previous ascending or down the south-western slope. The second option is more difficult and dangerous, it requires a high level of physical training. The decision on which one to choose will be made by guides based on the level of the group.

In the evening we return to the base, bathe and rest.

Day 4

Ski touring at the Mutnovsky Volcano

We take the familiar route, bypass the Vilyuchinsky Volcano and stop at the foot of the Mutnovsky Volcano. We have to ascend to a height of 2322 m. Despite the fact that Mutnovsky is higher than Vilyuchinsky relative to sea level, the ascend to it is quite easy.

We reach the crater and inspect the fumarole field. Here gas columns break out from under the snow cover to a height of up to 1000 m, and mud boilers don’t stop boiling even in winter.

After that we ride down the slopes of Mutnovsky and return to the base.

Day 5

Freeriding at the Mutnovsky Volcano
Snowmobile transfer to the slopes

We head to the Mutnovsky Volcano again. This time we are going to freeride in a comfortable area without any trees or stones. A snowmobile driver will take you to either slightly sloping or steep section of the slope depending on your wish and skill level.

We ride there for a few hours before returning to the base.

Day 6

Ski touring at the Gorely Volcano

Gorely is situated near Mutnovsky, and we are heading there. We stop at the bottom and ascent to the edge of the crater to the altitude of 1829 m. Gorely in winter is a severe sight. Its crater is slowly “puffing” letting gas portions out, the slopes are covered with melted ice, while there is a huge lake resting at the bottom.

We descent from the volcano. It is possible to ascent the volcano or one of its slopes one more time iat will.

Day 7

Reserve day

We’ll have one spare day reserved in case of bad weather. On request it’s possible to organize an easy ski tour or go sightseeing.

Day 8

Return to the city

We gather equipment and return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky or to the airport.

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