Few days comfortable tourColors of Nature

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Duration6 days / 5 nights
Price51 000 RUB ?

Meals: full board: in cafes in settlements on the road, in the camp during the route

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: June – September

Tour program

Day 1

Airport pick-up, hotel check-in
Sightseeing tour around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

During a three hours sightseeing tour around the capital of the Kamchatka region we will visit a number of historical and cultural monuments and the Museum of local lore. The observation deck of Petrovskaya hill offers a magnificent view of the city, Avacha Bay and the “gates” of the Pacific Ocean.

Day 2

Mountain range of the Vachkazhets volcano
Bbathing in radon springs

Mountain range Vachkazhets is an ancient volcano that was destroyed thousands years ago by violent eruptions. Since then, the slopes of the mountain turned into a mountain circus, whose peaks are always covered with snow. In one of them there is glacial lake Tahkoloch, from where the river of the same name originates.

The route is simple and suits even an unprepared traveler. The path is immersed in a riot of colors: creeping cedar — from green to brown, gold and pink rhododendrons, red rowan-tree and pale pink spotted lady slipper, all listed in the Red Book. The stone-birch forest changes into alder thickets and goes to mountain tundra. An incredible view of the waterfall at the bottom of Summer Transverse Hill opens from the path. .

After a busy day we have a rest in the healing radon springs.

Day 3

Rafting down the river Avacha

During rafting you can enjoy great views of the volcanoes: Koryaksky, Arik, Aag; beautiful rifts, basalt cliffs and grottoes. We'll stop on scenic spots, enjoy our rest and admire the scenery.

We may be able to watch water birds or even a brown bear, meeting with which certainly will certainly leave bright impressions. For fans of fishing we offer to test themselves in char fishing.

Day 4

Climbing the Gorely volcano

Climbing the volcano is simple, the trail passes along old lava flows and slag fields. Elevation: 900 m.

On the slopes you can see the whole story of the most ancient volcanic massif in Kamchatka. Terrible and majestic — this is about Gorely. It’s interesting to look at “kekurniki” — frozen lava remains of various shapes.

It has 11 craters, the tour to the most spectacular takes 1–1.5 hours.

Day 5

Tour to the Lesser Valley of Geysers
Bathing in “Rodnikoviye” hot springs

Dachniye springs, situated near the slope of the volcano in the ravine, are called the Lesser Valley of Geysers. Column of steam is gushing out from the underground, water is boiling in the depths… It looks like the eruption of many geysers at the same time.

Not far from the springs there is Veronika’s Braids Waterfall. Its feature is surrounding landscape: alder trees and stone-birch trees grow on steep slopes at the place where water falls from high.

Bathing in natural hot springs to finish the day.

Day 6

Visit to a fish market

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