One day tourFreeriding at the Vilyuchinsky Pass

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Duration12 hours
Price20 000 RUB ?

Meals: dinner with hot meal

Difficulty: high, required a good physical training and endurance

Period: December – April

Meeting of participants: at our office 20 minutes before departure

Trasnfer: for an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour

The second largest pass in Kamchatka with the height of 1000 meters above sea level. In winter it’s a popular destination for those who are fond of winter sports. In clear weather the pass offers a charming view of the summits of 9 surrounding volcanoes.

The Vilyuchinsky Pass is interesting for its trails variations: one can ride down a couloir or through a forest zone, choose a steep slope or a slightly sloping one. Height difference is 400 m, descent is up to 2 km long.

Tour program


Gathering of the participants

We meet at the appointed place, check our gear and drive to Termalny Settlement where we change to snowmobiles.



After getting safety instructions and snowmobile training we set off for the Vilyuchinsky Pass. We’ll see the valley of the Paratunka River and the panorama of volcanoes Vilyuchinsky and Mutnovsky. We’ll make a stop by the Serebryanniy (Silver) Spring to take pictures and drink some hot tea.


Excursion, rest

We’ll take a breath at the Vilyuchinsky Pass: have some snacks, listen to the guide’s stories and enjoy the view of the valley and snow-covered mountain tops.


Freeriding at the Vilyuchinsky Pass

The Vilyuchinsky Pass is one of the snowiest places in Kamchatka. The most impatient freeriders arrive in October, when first snow hasn’t even fallen in the city. Height difference is rather small, it’s 400 m, but freeriding is interesting there: in couloirs and a forest zone. Even a beginner will find a suitable spot!

Riders are taken to the slope by snowmobile. They will have 5–6 rides. We ride for 3 hours and return back to the cars.


Arrival in Termalny Settlement
Return to the city

Travel time — 1 hour.

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